This course is designed to share practical and conceptual concepts for stronger family engagement, socio-emotional clarity with behavior modification, and exercise and movement through curriculum guidance

Course Curriculum

  Week 1 Module 1 - Family First - Parents as Teachers
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  Module 2 Week 2 -Exercise and Movement – 4-5 year old exploration and cognitive connections
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  Week 3 - Module 3 For 4-5 Yr. Old Learners - Positive Reinforcement and Behavior Modification
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Hi, I’m Dr. Kimberly Johnson, I will be with you on this amazing journey of discovery, reminders and information. We are going to work together to add important information to your educational toolkit. More importantly, we will help each other become stronger advocates for student learning and family interactions!

Excited to be working with you!

Dr. Kim

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My teaching philosophy is quite simple:

We are all here on earth to help each other become our best selves. That means that we have to be great at listening to each other and seeing the world through various lens. You have everything that you need inside of you to help change the world...Be a Change Agent!

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Learning means discovering your own levels of collaboration

Challenge children to be critical thinkers

Learning means discovering your own sense of independence and autonomy

Teach children learn to practice their skills often

Learning means opening our hearts and mind to diversity and inclusion

Educators have the power to change lives - we are EDUCATORS!!